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      Alzheimer’s Care Tips from Experienced Aides

      By Renato Amorim | April 17, 2017

      Having experience is something that means not just reading about certain aspects and facts and figures but also putting that knowledge to work. When it comes to supporting somebody, providing the right care for them, when they have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, the more experience a caregiver has, the more likely they will provide the…

      When Is It Time to Think About Hospice as Opposed to P.T.?

      By Michael Drew | April 14, 2017

      P.T. is an abbreviation for physical therapy. When a person has been hospitalized following a stroke, heart attack, major surgery, or some other situation, they may be required to go through physical therapy as part of their recovery. If they don’t follow through with all of the aspects of recovery, they could end up back…

      When Is It Time to Choose Hospice Care for Someone with Alzheimer’s?

      By Michael Drew | March 24, 2017

      There are many misconceptions about hospice care. A lot of people, unfortunately, assume hospice is only needed for those individuals facing the last few weeks or days of their life, who may be in extreme pain or discomfort, or are facing some other medical crisis while approaching their final days. Hospice care can be beneficial…

      Three Ways to Keep Mom Positive as She Deals with Alzheimer’s

      By Cerie Goldenberg, MSW,LSW | March 22, 2017

      Your mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This may have been something you and the rest of your family worried about for some time, but she wouldn’t go to the doctor for proper diagnosis, at least until the symptoms were beginning to impact her safety at home. Now that she has been diagnosed with…

      What Happens When a Veteran Passes Away before Approval of Aid and Attendance?

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | March 20, 2017

      John was a wartime veteran who had applied for the Aid and Attendance Benefit because he needed home care support services. It became clear that home care was going to be necessary when he was having difficulty getting out of bed most mornings. His doctor recommended home care support and even though he couldn’t afford…

      Could a Senior with Alzheimer’s Accidentally Poison Himself?

      By Vicki & Brian Day | March 17, 2017

      The moment new parents bring home their infant they probably have a lot of worries. They may look around the house and see nothing but hazards everywhere they turn. As that child begins to crawl and then walk, he or she is going to be getting into a lot of different places, including the cabinets…

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