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      One Symptom of Alzheimer’s That Tends to Catch Family Caregivers by Surprise (and How to Prevent Lasting Emotional Hardships)

      By Michael Drew | August 27, 2018

      To put it simply, it’s not going to be easy supporting a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Most people want to be there for these men and women, especially during their time of extreme need and difficulty, but too many family caregivers, including a spouse, adult children, and even siblings, underestimate just how much the…

      Caring for a Veteran with PTSD Can Be Challenging, and When It’s Your Spouse or Adult Child, Home Care Is an Option

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | July 25, 2018

      There could be a number of reasons why a veteran begins dealing with PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder can be caused by a wide range of factors, not the least of which are emotional challenges they faced during active combat. For those who may be supporting a spouse or even an adult child who served in…

      5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance and How This May Affect an Aging Veteran in Need of Home Care Services

      By Mary Lynne Heller | June 27, 2018

      The Aid and Attendance Benefit can be an invaluable resource for veterans and their families, especially when home care is needed. There are a number of things people should understand about the Aid and Attendance pension program, made available through the VA. Below are five important things to understand that can help aging veterans and…

      Three Reasons Why Safety for Some Seniors Is Compromised, Even When They Appear Fully Capable of Tending to Their Own Care

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | June 26, 2018

      It’s relatively easy to understand why seniors may face more difficult circumstances as they age. The body begins to break down as people get older. This transition from peak physical fitness and strength begins to occur in our 30s, progresses through the 40s and 50s, and begins to accelerate from the 60s onward. When a…

      No Senior Really Wants to Admit They Can’t Do Certain Things Like They Used to, but Refusing to Admit One’s Limits May Lead to Serious Safety Hazards

      By Michael Drew | June 25, 2018

      There’s no fun in reaching a point in your life when you can no longer do some of the things you used to take for granted. For example, as people get older they aren’t going to be able to compete athletically at the same level they could in their 20s or 30s. That’s not an…

      Technology Is Helping to Improve Alzheimer’s Care

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | May 29, 2018

      Technology is advancing in every facet of life. It’s also helping to improve quality of care and support for those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. For family caregivers, technology can be a wonderful asset, but it can also be a great idea for those who have realized the benefits of home care…

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