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      Three Ways to Include a Senior’s Neighbor in Their Safety

      By Carole Chiego | November 29, 2017

      Safety for any senior at home is an important topic to discuss. It’s a great topic to discuss with the rest of the family, with their friends, if they so choose, and possibly even with their neighbors. Neighbors are usually the first line of defense for many people in communities all across the country. Not…

      A Lift Might Be Necessary for a Disabled Adult

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | November 28, 2017

      Jerry was disabled as an adult. He weighed over 200 pounds and was 6’2” tall. In other words, he was a larger adult male and his wife had nowhere near the strength needed to lift him and help him get in and out of bed safely. Jerry’s disability was a result of an accident. He…

      Can a Veteran Request an Increase in Aid and Attendance Benefit?

      By Vicki & Brian Day | November 27, 2017

      Alice had been relying on financial assistance through the Aid and Attendance Benefit for a couple of years. When her husband passed away, who had served during the Korean War, it was a devastating loss, but within a year Alice began struggling to take care of things around the house. She didn’t have family in…

      Some Veterans Benefit from Aid and Attendance Support

      By Michael Drew | November 24, 2017

      The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a pension provided by the VA to qualifying veterans. Initially, this pension was intended for soldiers returning from battle following World War I. Soldiers who qualified for this had been injured and disabled during their service, but through the years it expanded to provide financial assistance to veterans from…

      What Four Steps Can Help Seniors Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates?

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | October 27, 2017

      Reducing hospital readmission rates is often considered something hospitals and doctors are focused on, not patients. In reality, everyone needs to play a role in promoting a healthy recovery for people when they’re discharged. What is a hospital readmission? Technically speaking, if a person has to be readmitted to the hospital within a set amount…

      How to Improve Safety at Home for a Senior with Dementia

      By Vicki & Brian Day | October 25, 2017

      Dealing with the effects and the signs and symptoms of dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, can cause an extreme amount of anxiety and stress for loved ones. They want their aging family member to be safe at home, but what does that mean, exactly? Improving safety for somebody with dementia may require around-the-clock care. If…

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