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      Not All Home Care Options Will Be Ideal for All Seniors

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | February 26, 2018

      Home care is a great asset for disabled adults and seniors who need assistance. While most people assume that elderly men and women who rely on home care require physical support to get around, some hire aides for companionship or maybe transportation options every once in a while. It all depends on specific needs, but…

      How Might an Aging Veteran with Vision Loss Still Enjoy Some Basic Activities?

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | January 15, 2018

      John was an aging veteran. In his 80s, he was widowed, living alone, and most of his friends had long since passed away or moved out of the area. When he was 84 he started developing macular degeneration. He had already dealt with cataracts and enjoyed the benefits of modern technology and surgery techniques to…

      Expanding Independent Living … Right at Home

      By Michael Drew | January 11, 2018

      Some people look into independent living because they feel they don’t really have other options, especially when safety is concerned. Seniors often face increased safety challenges as they get older and even when they deal with potentially serious health issues. More seniors today, though, prefer to ‘age in place.’ This essentially means remaining at home,…

      It’s Okay to Be Frustrated Caring for Someone with Alzheimer’s, but You Need to Know How to Ask for Help

      By Mary Lynne Heller | December 27, 2017

      During those cold late autumn nights, you might be lying awake, unable to fall back to sleep. You keep thinking about your mother or father. Perhaps it’s someone else. They’ve been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and without a second thought you volunteered to help. It might even be your spouse. Whoever it is, you will likely…

      4 Ways to Help Someone with Alzheimer’s Who Refuses Care

      By Perry C. Doc Alleva | December 22, 2017

      From an outside perspective, it may seem easy to recognize why a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s should rely on help. Things are going to get much more challenging for them as the years progress. However, at this point in time, this senior is refusing all types of care, including hiring a home care aide, even…

      Fighting Cancer Will Make Even the Simplest Daily Tasks More Challenging

      By Vicki & Brian Day | December 20, 2017

      Millions of people around the world are fighting cancer at this moment. Tens of millions more have already gone through the fight and hundreds of millions, if not billions, know at least one person who has fought cancer. The older a person is, the more challenging it might be to become invested in this type…

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