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Are You Getting Enough Sleep? Find Out How Many Hours of Sleep per Night is Recommended for the Average Adult.

Caregiver Stress in Lancaster, PA – De-Stress Your Life and Get a Good Sleep!

Sleep is literally one of the things humans cannot live without. Missing a night of sleep once in a while may not hurt anyone, but constantly skimping on sleep can be dangerous and unhealthy for most people. Lack of sleep can even cause serious side effects like paranoia, hallucinations, and death!

Sleep is the time the body uses to “recharge.” The heart, brain activity, and blood flow all take a break while the body goes into a kind of hibernation until the morning. A good amount of sleep means memories are stored correctly, muscles can heal, and the body’s immune system can fight infections and germs at full strength.

Sleep can be divided into two stages: NREM or non-rapid eye movement, and REM, rapid eye movement. NREM has four stages the body cycles through, taking about 90 minutes per stage. After the body goes through these four stages, most people enter the REM sleep cycle. This is when dreaming and deep sleep often occur and it is not uncommon for people’s eyes to move around and for muscles to become weak.

Everyone also has a kind of biological clock that regulates when it is time to be “sleepy” and when it is time to wake up each day. Depending on how many hours you work or your social schedule, you may suddenly feel tired during the middle of the day. This could be confusion with the sleep cycle or the internal clock.

Any lack of sleep over time usually means more stress, physical decline in health, and confusion over sleeping cycles. Many people have spent most of their adult life getting the recommended hours of sleep, or close to it. Is there any reason to think that some people don’t need as much sleep as others?

There is no real evidence to support why some people can sleep more or less than others. Some people are reported to need only a few hours’ sleep each night, while others may sleep in daily and still feel tired. Each person’s sleeping system is wired differently and performs differently depending on life situations, health, etc.

The important thing is to get the amount of sleep your own body feels comfortable with. This may take some time to figure out, but a good average for adults is 8 hours of sleep per night.

Heavy loads of stress may make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. When this happens, it’s time to employ some stress reducing activities into your life, such as regular physical workouts, plenty of socializing with friends, free time for yourself, and engaging in a hobby you really enjoy. There’s no need to let senior care stress get the better of you! Take the time to de-stress your life and get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

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Mary Lynne Heller

After Mary Lynne Heller received her nursing degree from Coatesville Hospital School of Nursing, she went on to graduate with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Millersville University. Her quest for learning further expanded her skill set as she gained extensive managerial and nursing skills within medical, surgical and oncology hospital-based units, a trauma center, and an infusion company before coming to Star Multi Care family in 2001. Mary Lynne’s cumulative 40 years of nursing experience has been heightened by her successes in the role of Administrator in the Lancaster branch of Extended Family Care. She has not only set branch records in revenue growth but has also exceeded company-wide performance and quality measures.

A long-time resident of Lancaster County, Mary Lynne enjoys spending time with her husband Terry, and their 3 horses and collies. The countless hours of caring for her client and employee-based “family” at work and at home can truly depict the selfless character of Mary Lynne Heller.

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