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Just Because You’re 86 Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Make a Full Recovery at Home

Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Jenkintown, PA

Reducing Hospital Readmission RatesMany people like to state that, “Age is just a number.” Not really. This is what people often say to encourage others as they get older. To some degree, age doesn’t define what a person can do. People in their 60s and sometimes even in their early 70s can still run short marathons, get involved in sports, and pursue a lot of different activities.

However, as they get older people will experience more and more challenges as well as physical limitations. When the body ages, it begins to lose muscle mass. It becomes more difficult to get through an exercise routine. Their stamina is not the same and eventually they will become weaker over time.

For an individual in their 80s, dealing with a major medical emergency, such as a heart attack, stroke, hemorrhage, pneumonia, major surgery, a broken hip from an accidental fall, or anything else will require a recovery period at home.

The main goal for anyone should be to make a full recovery, and for hospitals they focus on reducing their readmission rates. A hospital readmission is defined as any time a person needs to be readmitted within 30 days of discharge. There could be a wide range of reasons a person needs to be readmitted to the hospital, including complications that were unforeseen, other health issues arising as a result of the initial medical emergency, and much more.

A common factor that hospitals are focusing on eliminating or at least significantly reducing has to do with patients not taking care of themselves properly once they are discharged.

A person who is 86, for example, may feel that trying to struggle through physical therapy, taking a variety of medications, and exercising on a regular basis (that becomes extremely difficult and exhausting) is not worth it any longer. They might feel as though there’s no point in struggling through all of that, especially considering their age.

In truth, a person who is 86 may still have 5, 10, or even more great years ahead of them. It all depends on the medical emergency that caused them to be hospitalized in the first place, but getting the right level of assistance at home will help them improve the chances of making a full recovery from their ailment.

Relying on experienced caregivers will help to promote a positive recovery for the senior, regardless of their age. Never let age slow a person down.

If you or your loved one could benefit from the help of home care in Jenkintown, PA and the surrounding areas, contact the caregivers at Right at Home East Montgomery and South Bucks Counties, PA. Call (215) 995-2674 for more information.

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Chris Campbell

Chris and Maria Campbell are the owners of Right at Home in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Chris graduated from Rutgers University and received his MBA from Drexel University. He spent 10 years in the Pharmaceutical Sales industry ( 5 years with Bristol Myers and 5 Years Perdue Pharma).

Chris has been married for 26 years to his lovely wife and business partner Maria Campbell, RN. They have 2 boys ages 20 and 25.