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Unexpected Side Effects: How Senses Can be Impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Care in Jenkintown, PA

Alzheimer's Care

A person’s senses can be affected by Alzheimer’s disease. There are numerous signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s, and even though the most significant one is memory loss, having difficulty gauging their senses, whether it’s a change in the way food tastes or diminished depth perception, can also be commonplace.

Getting the right type of care for somebody with Alzheimer’s is essential, and even though family members and friends usually step up to be there for their loved ones during this difficult time relying on a professional caregiver is usually one of the best options, even during the earliest stages of the disease when the individual has recently been diagnosed.

As the disease progresses, it begins to affect the way the brain works in processing information. As a result, the sense of touch, smell, taste, sight, sound can all be directly impacted by this disease. A person may be seeing something in the distance and even though it is something familiar, they may have difficulty determining what it is, remembering it, or interpreting the emotional context.

When it comes to eating foods, if the senior with Alzheimer’s is dealing with sensory issues, even familiar foods that their family knows they like could be a challenge for them to eat. They may be less inclined to want to consume these foods and that can cause tension and anxiety, especially for a family member or friend who is trying to support them and doesn’t realize their sense of taste could be impacted.

What is the solution?

Providing the right level of support for somebody who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is essential, no matter what stage they are at with regard to this disease. Nothing compares to relying on an experienced caregiver who would understand the subtle dynamics of how the disease progresses, how to establish a routine, and how to anticipate potential signs and symptoms of it.

For anyone who has been diagnosed with this disease, family members, friends, neighbors, and anyone else who is planning on helping them out needs to understand there are numerous dynamics that can affect a person’s comfort and quality of life. As a result, choosing the right caregiver can make a world of difference not just in the immediate future, but also down the road as the disease progresses to the middle and later stages.

Try relying on professional Alzheimer’s care now, and bring comfort to the senior in the years ahead.

If you or your loved one could benefit from the help of Alzheimer’s care in Jenkintown, PA and the surrounding areas, contact the caregivers at Right at Home East Montgomery and South Bucks Counties, PA. Call (215) 995-2674 for more information.

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Chris Campbell

Chris and Maria Campbell are the owners of Right at Home in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Chris graduated from Rutgers University and received his MBA from Drexel University. He spent 10 years in the Pharmaceutical Sales industry ( 5 years with Bristol Myers and 5 Years Perdue Pharma).

Chris has been married for 26 years to his lovely wife and business partner Maria Campbell, RN. They have 2 boys ages 20 and 25.