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Fall Activities with the Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver Tips in Jekintown, PA

Family-Caregiver-TipsWith summer ending and autumn weather sweeping across many parts of the nation, it’s time to start thinking about fall activities to incorporate int elder care routines. Not only can the family caregiver plan ahead for the majority of these activities, but they can include other family members who are interested in participating. That way their aging loved one can spend additional time with their grandchildren, extended members of the family, friends, or other peers while enjoying fall activities.

Leaf Peeping

Fall foliage is beautiful as it changes colors throughout northern areas of the country and if families have the opportunity to travel to these locations or are already living in them, photographing it is an excellent activity. For example, leaf peepers travel from all over the world to see the changing of the colors in New England because Mother Nature paints with a vibrant brush. Pictures can turn into framed art, postcards, and coffee table books depending on how many photographs are taken.

Seasonal Cooking

There’s something about fall that brings out specific aromas and comfort foods. Families assisting their aging loved ones with home care can host a potluck at their home. Some can bring in apple pie, butternut squash bisque, fried chicken, freshly baked loaves of bread, macaroni with cheese, and corn on the cob. If there are other family favorites, the family can look through recipe cards and books with their aging loved one during elder care. Then, during visits following the potluck, the family can create another recipe book with their loved one containing favorites from that special evening together.

Autumn Hobbies

This time of year is where challenges could arise for the family caregiver offering the most assistance to their aging loved one because, as the weather becomes crisper, they may not want to go outside as often. For example, if they previously enjoyed gardening outside, and the weather is now nippier, the aging loved one may prefer working on potted plants inside instead of being outdoors. If the aging loved one liked tinkering with things in their garage, they might not want to go out there anymore unless a space heater is available. Those who are assisting with home care should ensure modifications to hobbies occur so their loved one can still enjoy themselves from season to season. Otherwise, it’s time to come up with some new ideas. New ideas for fall could include taking up knitting or crocheting, creating small woodworking projects, clock making or scrapbooking.

Final Thoughts

When seasons change, those who are assisting their aging loved ones with in-home care may notice a shift in their aging loved one’s moods or energy levels. This mood change is a regular occurrence and, when hobbies and activities remain part of their routines, they should be able to stave off any feelings of loneliness and depression. These feelings may enter into their minds as the sunny days happen less often. Socialization should not be forgotten, nor should be it kept to a minimum. Otherwise, these seasonal changes could become a problem. Family members can help by visiting frequently and engaging in activities with their loved ones.

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