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The 4 Common Challenges Family Caregivers Have about Staying Positive when Under Stress

Family Caregiver Tips in Columbia PA

Although October is Positive Attitude Month it can certainly be difficult to remain positive in some situations. For family caregivers, stress can be so overwhelming that they see no end in sightFamily-Caregiver-Tips-Columbia-PA and the mere thought of being positive is frustrating.

After all, when people are telling you to cheer up, lighten up, and think positively and yet you feel that every part of your life is spinning out of control, you probably just want to throw something at them and tell them to leave you alone.

It’s not uncommon for family members to feel overwhelmed by stress when caring for elderly loved ones. Yet there are 44 million of these family caregivers in the United States right now, according to the AARP. The vast majority of them are overwhelmed with stress and/or allowing that stress to get the best of them.

Here are four common challenges that many family caregivers will face when caring for aging loved ones.

Challenge #1: Realizing the value of exercise.

Many family members have a tendency to discourage their aging loved ones from getting exercise. That’s because they worry about safety. In truth, most doctors recommend people of all ages and in all different types of health get at least some level of cardiovascular exercise every single day. When an elderly loved one is getting exercise, they will feel better, their health may improve, and this can alleviate some stress for the caregiver.

Challenge #2: Time.

It never seems that there’s enough time in the day to get everything done that’s necessary. For those caregivers who are up against the clock and keep getting frustrated because they are getting home later and later and have to get up earlier and earlier the next day, a home care aide is a valuable asset to rely on.

Challenge #3: A breakdown in the relationship.

For those who are caring for aging parents or other loved ones, they may have had a great relationship in the past, but when there is a great deal of stress as a caregiver, it can affect the relationship in a negative way. These problems can harbor in the mind, making it difficult to feel good about anything.

Challenge #4: Staying healthy yourself.

Many family caregivers have a tendency to eat fast food more often, rush around, and put themselves and others at risk because they’re trying to get everything done in a limited amount of time.

For those who are not focusing on their health, that’s going to increase the prospect of negativity in their mind. That’s going to be a major problem in the short and long-term aspects of caregiver stress.

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Mary Lynne Heller

After Mary Lynne Heller received her nursing degree from Coatesville Hospital School of Nursing, she went on to graduate with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Millersville University. Her quest for learning further expanded her skill set as she gained extensive managerial and nursing skills within medical, surgical and oncology hospital-based units, a trauma center, and an infusion company before coming to Star Multi Care family in 2001. Mary Lynne’s cumulative 40 years of nursing experience has been heightened by her successes in the role of Administrator in the Lancaster branch of Extended Family Care. She has not only set branch records in revenue growth but has also exceeded company-wide performance and quality measures.

A long-time resident of Lancaster County, Mary Lynne enjoys spending time with her husband Terry, and their 3 horses and collies. The countless hours of caring for her client and employee-based “family” at work and at home can truly depict the selfless character of Mary Lynne Heller.