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3 Reasons Dad May Need to Cut Down on Caffeine

Home Care Options for Seniors in Jenkintown PA

Home Care Options for SeniorsWhen you first talked to your father about hiring a home care aide, he may not have been too keen on the idea. Yet, since your mother had passed away your father had been struggling with his own basic care. As his physical capabilities continued to decline, you knew he needed some type of support and you didn’t live close enough or have the time to devote to supporting him properly.

After some convincing he finally agreed to hire a home care aide. During the first couple of weeks things seemed to be going fine, but then you received a call from that caregiver and she was telling you that your father should consider cutting back on his caffeine consumption, at least in the evening.

You may have known your father to drink coffee all day long for most of your life and told the caregiver this is not a major concern, but before you dismiss that home care aide’s opinion, there are probably a number of pretty good reasons why she has brought it up. Here are three to consider.

Potential Reason #1: She notices him being tired during the day.

Many seniors nap during the afternoon because they need more rest than the average younger adult. However, an experienced home care aide can tell the difference between regular napping and being fatigued throughout much of the day.

If this home care aide is working with your father on a daily basis, she probably has a pretty good indication that he is a bit more fatigued than he should be.

Potential Reason #2: He has told her he can’t fall asleep at night.

Many people commonly overlook the impact caffeine can have on their sleep habits. It takes approximately eight hours for caffeine to completely leave the system. This can have a direct impact on your father’s ability to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night.

If he has expressed some difficulty with sleeping, he may not be connecting his caffeine consumption with his insomnia.

Potential Reason #3: Experience.

The more experience the home care aide has, the more likely she will pick up on various issues that can affect a senior’s ability to sleep or other aspects of his personal health and well-being.

A home care aide that reaches out to the senior and/or his family to express some concerns, whether it’s about caffeine or something else, is showing just how much she truly cares. It’s a good idea to pay attention and have a conversation with your father, too.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care options for seniors in Jenkintown, PA, contact the caring professionls at Right at Home of East Montgomery and South Bucks County at 215-995-2674.

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