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Warmer Months May Help Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates

Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates in Jenkintown PA

Reduce Hospital Readmission RatesAs the weather begins to warm up in spring, heading gradually toward summer, it has a tendency to draw people outside. For a senior who may have recently been hospitalized, it’s important that they focus on following doctor’s instructions, getting the proper level of exercise, eating healthy, and staying safe. These can all help to reduce the risk of a hospital readmission in the future, ultimately leading to the best chance at making a full and healthy recovery.

In the winter, it can be difficult for somebody to stay motivated to follow through with physical therapy, exercise, and even eating healthy. That’s because most people have a tendency to keep their doors closed, remain indoors, and wait for spring to arrive. That has the potential to lead to an increased risk of depression and other emotional challenges as well.

As the weather turns warmer, it’s an opportunity for the elderly individual to get outside and get exercise through a variety of activities.


Going for a walk and focusing on taking a bit of a brisker pace than normal can help the leg muscles gain strength, elevate their heart rate, and promote an overall healthier atmosphere.

If the senior has difficulty getting around on his own, relying on a home care aide for these walks can be tremendously beneficial.

Getting fresh air

Just getting outside and enjoying the warm sun on their face, breathing in the nice, fresh air, and not necessarily doing anything physical can also provide benefits. This helps to lift the spirits and it also provides the body the opportunity to synthesize vitamin D, which is incredibly important for helping strong bones.


Gardening is a favorite activity for millions of people all across the country. For a senior who may have been hospitalized recently, it may have felt at that time like he would have to give up the goal of gardening for a while. However, by relying on an experienced home care aide for some physical support and maybe even emotional encouragement, getting outside and gardening once again could very well be an activity to look forward to this spring season.

Now is a good time to begin planning the garden, though it may not be the ideal time to plant it. Before getting anything started with regard to a garden, contact a local home care agency and hire a caregiver that can offer the physical support the senior may need to get this garden going, growing, and staying healthy. This can help the senior increase the chances of making a full and healthy recovery following a hospitalization.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Jenkintown, PA, contact the caring professionls at Right at Home of East Montgomery and South Bucks County at 215-995-2674.

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