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Sending Letters, Aging Veterans, and the Benefits This Activity Offers

Care for Aging Veterans in Philadelphia PA

For aging veterans who may be living alone, there’s great value in sitting down and writing letters to loved ones, friends, and maybe others who have long since passed away.Care-for-Aging-Veterans-in-Philadelphia-PA

An elderly veteran may benefit from home care services, but doesn’t rely on that level of support just yet. The longer they wait, the more risk they put themselves in. Some veterans claim they can’t afford home care, especially for many months or years on end.

There are certain pension programs that Veterans Affairs make available that can help pay for some of that care, at least. One of them is the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

If the veteran served at least 90 days of active duty service in one of the major branches of the United States military, with at least one of those days falling during an active time of combat, such as World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam Conflict, or the Gulf War, they may qualify for this particular pension, especially if they require some type of extra support and care at home.

Once the veteran has hired home care, they will discover the caregiver will likely encourage them to pursue activities that are important to them. An experienced home care aide from an agency may also recommend other activities that may not seem to have great value, but they do.

One of those is writing and maybe even sending letters to loved ones.

The process of writing a letter is great for mental stimulation. It accesses different regions of the brain that may not be used as often as people get older. Letter writing has become a dying art form, but many of today’s aging veterans will fondly recall writing numerous letters to loved ones during their time of service, including to their current or future spouse.

Another ancillary benefit of writing letters is it can conjure up memories the aging veteran hasn’t thought of in a long time. This taps into certain wavelengths of the brain along the subconscious levels and that provides a great deal of exercise for the brain.

The more exercise the brain gets, the more it helps to reduce the risk of developing certain forms of dementia or experiencing memory loss.

This month, it’s a good opportunity to not only encourage an elderly veteran to look into home care is a viable option, but to consider writing letters is a great daily activity.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care services in Philadelphia, PA, contact the caring professionals at Reliant At Home Care today 610-200-6075.

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Cerie Goldenberg, MSW,LSW

Cerie Goldenberg- My name is Cerie Fish Goldenberg. I have dedicated all 40 years of my professional life practicing Social Work in Montgomery County, PA.I earned aMasters Degree of Social Work from the University of Toronto and I am a Licensed Social Worker in Pennsylvania.I was an active participant in the growth of Montgomery County Office on Aging and Adult Service developing needed services and resources for both younger and older adults.

After40 years of being a problem solver and advocate for those in need including my parents who lived into their 90’s and chose to remain in their home, I remain passionate about providing the highest level of service possible to those individuals for whom we are providing care.It is my vision that those of us who choose to remain in their home to be given the opportunity to do so in a safe and dignified manner. Hence the birth or Reliant at Home Care.

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