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The Unseen Effect of Stress as a Family Caregiver

Caregiver Stress in Philadelphia PA

Caregiver Stress in Philadelphia PAFor any family caregiver, stress can be a significant part of their life. In most cases, people are dealing with stress almost every day.

There are many different types of stress, levels of stress, and causes of stress. The most common include relationship challenges, financial pressure, and concerns about one’s own health or that of a family member.

You may have been concerned about your elderly mother or father and their safety at home, especially when you notice them having difficulty getting down the hall, getting up from a seated position, or following a medical emergency. At the time, you figured it was your responsibility to take care of them as best you could.

You might not have thought of yourself as a caregiver, but that’s exactly what you became. It’s a job, and like any other job, it requires dedication, focus, and consistent effort. However, many family members who take on this role, or job, have other responsibilities, including a career, multiple part-time jobs, raising children, community work, or even the desire to partake in certain hobbies or activities, including spending time with friends.

With so many other things going on, there may only be a limited amount of time that family caregiver has to devote to their elderly loved one. At first, it may be the senior didn’t ask for much support, but the more assistance they receive, the more likely they’re going to call for more and more help with even the most simple and mundane tasks around the house.

Over time, that can lead to an increased level of stress for the family caregiver. When they feel as though their life is spinning out of control and they have less and less time to devote to the things that matter most to them, the more they’re going to worry, stress, and feel anxious about many aspects of life.

Some of the unseen effects stress can include difficulty sleeping, fatigue, a lack of focus, health issues, including getting sick more frequently, relationship problems, and much more.

There are steps that can be taken to alleviate at least a portion of the stress one feels as a family caregiver. You might have thought about home care support before, but maybe a sense of guilt kept you from even suggesting that to your elderly family member.

Now is the time to revisit that prospect, learn as much as you can about home care services, and then sit down and discuss the prospect of hiring a home care aide for your loved one. That can help you limit the impact stress is having on your life.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Philadelphia, PA please contact the caring staff at True Direct Home Health Care at 215-309-3119.

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Perry C. Doc Alleva

True Direct HHC owner and administrator, Perry C. Doc Alleva has been in the health care community for over 10 years as a therapy solutions provider, as well as a home care services coordinator. He has extensive experience in caring for the disabled and the surgical acute, sub-acute, and rehab population. Rooted in his home-town city of Philadelphia, with strong ties to it's vast neighborhoods and communities, he's now focusing all his energies towards innovating the home health care agency's role in providing the essential care needed from individual to the family throughout the community.

Doc, as he is called by everyone - staff, patients and clients - first experienced home health care and hospice care while as a colleg student at King's College as he cared for his mother every day as while she first battled COPD and then lung cancer. It was during this time that he came to understand that caring for a patient was more than just clinical expertise. "Admittedly, my strongest attribute is my communication skills and the simple fact that I love to help people. Even the smallest thing you can do for someone really can mean so much to them long term. In fact, it could change them forever. That's what providing quality personal home health care should be all about."

In his spare time, he cooks for homeless shelters and children's music and arts events. He also is highly involved in his local youth sports soccer academy as a coach and Board member.

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