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Home Care Options for Seniors in Jenkintown PA

Home Care Options for SeniorsWhen Tom was younger, he didn’t give much thought to quality of life. He did whatever he wanted and had a great time. He’d to go to bars and hang out with friends every Friday and Saturday night.

Whenever his mother would encourage him to call his grandmother or stop by and visit her because she lived close enough to him, he brushed it off. It didn’t really matter to him at that time.

She was always gracious and never claimed it bothered her that he never stopped by. What he didn’t realize in those younger years was how much his grandmother was struggling with her life, enjoying it, and maintaining a high quality of it.

Things began to change for Tom as he got older. His grandmother passed away and he regretted many of those opportunities to stop by and visit with her. He began to realize she had been calling him not just to say hello, but to see if he might be able to take her to an art gallery, a museum, or just to the mall. He just didn’t want to bother with it.

Now that his mother has reached that age in her life where she’s struggling, Tom is determined not to make the same mistakes again. After all, he recognizes his own mortality and realizes time is growing thin for him.

At first, Tom began taking care of his mother himself.

He started looking after her, stopping by every couple of days to see if she needed anything, if she needed something done around the house, and if she wanted him to take her anywhere.

Over time, though, he began stopping by daily and it was taking a significant toll on his life. A close friend of his, who had gone through something similar with his own mother and father, recommended various home care options instead.

“You can still spend time with your mother,” he said, “but it will be more quality time, rather than just doing things to help her.”

That’s what home care can offer: the opportunity for family members to spend quality time with their loved ones as opposed to running errands and just getting things done for them. It can also give those family members the opportunity to find out what would matter most to their elderly loved ones and what would give them the quality of life and enjoyment they deserve.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Jenkintown, PA, contact the caring professionls at Right at Home of East Montgomery and South Bucks County at 215-995-2674.

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