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Pooling Resources to Help Dad Cope with this New Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Alzheimer’s Care in Walnutport PA

Alzheimer's CareThe moment a person hears the words ‘Alzheimer’s disease,’ they probably have a lot of questions. Whether it was the doctor telling you about this diagnosis or your father who was recently diagnosed, you may have questions that can’t be answered right away.

One of the first questions you have is what to expect. On average, a person will live with this disease for about 8 to 10 years, upon diagnosis. They could live a lot longer than that, especially if they take care of themselves as early as possible.

Alzheimer’s affects the brain and begins to deteriorate memory. This can make it extremely difficult for your loved one to take care of himself, especially in the years ahead.

What to consider with regard to Alzheimer’s care options.

Many family members want to rally around their loved ones to offer the kind of support they may need during this difficult time. Adult children, a spouse, friends, and other family members will likely offer their services to help out, whether it’s grocery shopping, taking the senior to an appointment, providing companionship, helping around the house, or anything else.

As the months pass, though, people will fall back into their normal routines in life. The pressure and stress of trying to take care of this elderly individual will become significant, especially as the disease erodes more memory and functionality.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider pooling resources.

What does this mean? There are numerous resources available to seniors and others in need. Family and friends are a valuable resource and asset, but it’s best not to rely on this support system entirely.

For somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an experienced caregiver would be a much better option to consider early on. That’s because a more experienced homecare aide, for example, would understand the value of routine, mental exercise, and staying in good physical condition. That home care aide will likely understand how important a good, healthy meal can be.

Family members and friends can lean on one another and they can ask questions, learn more about the disease, and gain better insight into why it’s so crucial that the senior stays active.

It’s fine to want the best for a loved one, especially after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, but it’s also important to pay attention to proper care. Pooling resources could mean hiring a professional home care aide or a series of caregivers to work together at building the best support mechanism for the future.


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Vicki & Brian Day

Home Helpers of Northern Lehigh Valley is locally owned and operated by Vicki Crow and Brian Day. We have experience and knowledge of issues that seniors and their families face every day. Prior to owning Home Helpers, we had over 40 combined years of sales and business experience. We experienced firsthand the value of professional in-home care and our ownership of Home Helpers is our way of providing senior care services to families in the Northern Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We provide the same level of care and attention to detail that we would expect for our own family. We chose to get involved with non-medical home care based on personal experiences that both myself and my husband experienced with our grandparents.My grandmother lived alone and my father lived over 500 miles away, when she suffered a stroke she needed extra help around the house.My father and his brother were able to find a care giver that would come in and help around the house, provided companionship and above all else a safety net for my father and my uncle to know someone was checking in on Grandma.When Grandma suffered a second stroke, the caregiver found her and got her the help she needed. We know there are a lot of families like ours that need that peace of mind of knowing someone is helping a loved one when they can't be there.