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Disabled Veterans, Dogs, and the Benefits of Support

Care for Aging Veterans in Philadelphia PA

Care for Aging Veterans in Philadelphia PAWe see numerous news stories about veterans and the service dogs they relied upon, especially over in Iraq and Afghanistan, during combat. Many of the service dogs were bomb sniffing dogs. They helped protect military servicemen and servicewomen. For disabled and elderly veterans, dogs can provide a number of benefits beyond protecting them from IEDs.

The benefits of having a dog.

Most dog owners would likely have a long list of benefits they have gained by having this friend at their side. One is companionship. Dogs are incredibly loyal and even on the worst of days, a person can return home, step in the door, and be met with a wagging tail and an animal just dying to offer its love and affection to its human counterpart.

Dogs can also help reduce stress and anxiety and even lower blood pressure. Recent studies have indicated that the simple act of petting an animal can reduce blood pressure and stress, especially among seniors (American Heart Association).

Dogs can also help provide safety and security. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and their hearing is not bad, either. If somebody is trying to gain access into the house, the dog can alert its master that trouble may be brewing.

For injured, disabled, or elderly veterans, a dog may even be able to alert someone in the event of a medical emergency, slip and fall accident, or some other situation that has left its master prone on the floor, unconscious, or in another state of emergency.

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and when you sit down and think about all of the benefits having a dog can offer, whether they’re disabled, elderly, or dealing with some other physical or mental challenge, it’s something to seriously consider.

If a veteran in your family has expressed an interest in adopting a dog, even though he or she may be considered disabled or is in their 70s, 80s, or 90s, it’s important not to dismiss this wish outright. There are plenty of benefits to having a small animal.

Home care support may be something to consider as well.

If that veteran has a desire to adopt a dog, and if he or she is not fully capable of attending to its needs, family and friends may certainly be able to help, but a home care aide may be more beneficial. If this veteran is on a limited income, the Aid and Attendance Benefit might be something to look into to provide financial assistance to pay for home care services.

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Renato Amorim

President & Co-Owner at Assisting Hands Home Care
Renato Amorim, president of Assisting Hands Home Care operations in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has worked for the past twenty years in government and international business, where he had the opportunity to carry out investment and business-development projects in all continents. He has managed teams of professionals spread over several countries in pharmaceutical and mining multinational companies.

Prior to joining Assisting Hands, Renato headed Merck’s public policy and corporate responsibility team in Latin America. In 2007, the World Economic Forum granted him the Young Global Leader award, as a recognition for his work on international trade advocacy.

After a series of family health challenges, including severe cases of cancer and dementia, Renato decided to shift his career toward more direct, personal and closer involvement with home- and family-health needs. In the Assisting Hands franchise system, he found the right balance between professional fulfillment and the delivery of compassionate services to the community.

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