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Home Care May Offer Companionship for Some Seniors

When people have a tendency to think about home care options, they think about it for seniors or disabled adults who require a great deal of physical support. That is certainly one of the prime reasons home care aides are hired, but they can also offer companionship.

Why hire home care support just for companionship?

Home Care for Seniors in Fairmont PA: Companionship

Home Care for Seniors in Fairmont PA: Companionship

If an elderly person is living alone, that can have a significant impact on their emotional state of mind. They may become lonely. They may feel isolated, especially if they don’t drive and don’t have friends in the area who can visit with them.

As more people prefer to remain at home, this can cause issues.

As the Baby Boomer generation retires, there is an increasing percentage of seniors. That means there is likely going to be an increased demand for home care support services, especially considering more of these seniors want to remain within the comfort of their home.

When people want to stay home, that doesn’t change just because they’re lonely.

A senior may be living alone for many years, or their friends begin to move away or pass away. They might go to live with family members across the country or lose their fight against certain diseases or health issues.

As their circle of friends diminishes and then becomes nonexistent, many seniors still feel connected to their house. They have a lot of memories there. They are frightened about the prospect of starting over somewhere new.

They are adamant about remaining where they are, but what happens if they don’t have family in the neighborhood? They might call and talk to people on the phone every once in a while and with modern technology they can certainly video chat, if they can get a handle on how to use a laptop or tablet, but that won’t help them with their isolation and loneliness.

If the senior is still physically capable of doing things for himself or herself, a home care aide can stop by for just a couple of hours every other day to offer some companionship. They can help the senior prepare meals, play games with him or her, and may even offer transportation to get to the store or a park.

Home care options are certainly beneficial for those who require direct assistance, but they can also be a great asset for those who live alone.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering in-home care for a senior in Fairmont, PA, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hands of Central Philadelphia. (215) 882-8234.

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Renato Amorim

President & Co-Owner at Assisting Hands Home Care
Renato Amorim, president of Assisting Hands Home Care operations in Philadelphia and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has worked for the past twenty years in government and international business, where he had the opportunity to carry out investment and business-development projects in all continents. He has managed teams of professionals spread over several countries in pharmaceutical and mining multinational companies.

Prior to joining Assisting Hands, Renato headed Merck’s public policy and corporate responsibility team in Latin America. In 2007, the World Economic Forum granted him the Young Global Leader award, as a recognition for his work on international trade advocacy.

After a series of family health challenges, including severe cases of cancer and dementia, Renato decided to shift his career toward more direct, personal and closer involvement with home- and family-health needs. In the Assisting Hands franchise system, he found the right balance between professional fulfillment and the delivery of compassionate services to the community.

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