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What Reasons Did Mom Give for Not Wanting to Hear About Home Care Support?

You’ve been trying to talk to your mother about home care options, but it never seems that she’s listening. You tried to confront her about this and asked her why she wouldn’t even consider the prospect of hiring a home care aide, and after some lengthy discussion you finally managed to squeeze out of her some of the reasons why she is adamantly opposed to even considering this option.

She’s worried about the cost.

Home Care for Seniors in Wind Gap PA: Why Mom Isn't Listening to Home Care Options

Home Care for Seniors in Wind Gap PA: Why Mom Isn’t Listening to Home Care Options

Cost is often a major concern for people on limited incomes. If your mother is on a limited income, she may see the potential expense of hiring a home care aide as being unnecessary. However, home care support services are the most affordable senior care option there is.

If your mother needs help and you simply don’t have the time, energy, or resources to provide the right support for her, she does need to consider some other elder care option.

She assumes you’re just going to take care of her.

You might live close enough to her that she assumes you’ll be the one taking care of her. That sounds great and convenient, but if you’re working a full-time job and have a number of other responsibilities, that simply might not be practical.

The more pressure you face in your everyday life, the more difficult it’s going to be for you to be her primary caregiver.

She doesn’t want a stranger coming into her house.

This is a big one for a lot of people; they assume that hiring a home care aide simply means inviting a stranger into their house. Yes, this is going to be a stranger at first, but eventually your mother will get to know this caregiver, have conversations with her, and grow more comfortable.

If she doesn’t become more comfortable with this particular individual, when you book through an agency you will have access to other prospective aides instead. Your mother will be able to find somebody with whom she can get along and feel comfortable.

She really doesn’t know much about it.

If your mother doesn’t know much about home care support options, why would she even consider it for herself?

When you learn as much as possible about the benefits of home care support and the options available to her, you may very well be able to answer questions and get her moving in the direction of understanding the value in this support.


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Vicki & Brian Day

Home Helpers of Northern Lehigh Valley is locally owned and operated by Vicki Crow and Brian Day. We have experience and knowledge of issues that seniors and their families face every day. Prior to owning Home Helpers, we had over 40 combined years of sales and business experience. We experienced firsthand the value of professional in-home care and our ownership of Home Helpers is our way of providing senior care services to families in the Northern Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We provide the same level of care and attention to detail that we would expect for our own family. We chose to get involved with non-medical home care based on personal experiences that both myself and my husband experienced with our grandparents.My grandmother lived alone and my father lived over 500 miles away, when she suffered a stroke she needed extra help around the house.My father and his brother were able to find a care giver that would come in and help around the house, provided companionship and above all else a safety net for my father and my uncle to know someone was checking in on Grandma.When Grandma suffered a second stroke, the caregiver found her and got her the help she needed. We know there are a lot of families like ours that need that peace of mind of knowing someone is helping a loved one when they can't be there.

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