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Some Veterans Benefit from Aid and Attendance Support

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a pension provided by the VA to qualifying veterans. Initially, this pension was intended for soldiers returning from battle following World War I. Soldiers who qualified for this had been injured and disabled during their service, but through the years it expanded to provide financial assistance to veterans from all walks of life, whether they actually saw combat or not, so long as they had a financial need, met certain requirements, and could prove home care is necessary.

Care for Aging Veterans in West Chester PA: Aid and Attendance Benefit

Care for Aging Veterans in West Chester PA: Aid and Attendance Benefit

Who benefits from this pension?

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is available to ‘wartime veterans.’ In other words, a veteran needs to have served at least one day of their active duty service during a time of official combat. Congress defines official combat as a time in which the country was officially engaged in combat, which includes World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War.

For veterans who served during World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, their minimum time of service needs to have been 90 days. If they served any time during the Gulf War, they need to have served a minimum of two years active duty.

Do veterans need to have been injured during their service?

In order to qualify for this pension, no, they do not. An aging veteran, for example, who was completely healthy throughout his or her time in service, and even throughout most of their adult life, may reach a point in their 80s when they start having difficulty with mobility, confront a health issue, or otherwise need support and assistance at home.

Just because they were not injured and/or disabled during their time of active duty service doesn’t mean they can’t qualify for the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

They must be able to prove home care is necessary.

A veteran needs to be able to show in the application that he or she requires home care support. They might be recovering from a serious health issue. Their doctor may have recommended home care support because of an ongoing issue. Or, they could be unable to get out of bed on their own, walk without assistance, or be unable to prepare a meal, for example.

They also need to meet financial requirements.

Currently, the combined income and asset threshold set by the VA is $119,000 for veterans to qualify for this pension. If a veteran needs support at home and they feel he or she would benefit from this and meet the qualifications, they should fill out an application and submit it as soon as possible.

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