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Can a Veteran Request an Increase in Aid and Attendance Benefit?

Alice had been relying on financial assistance through the Aid and Attendance Benefit for a couple of years. When her husband passed away, who had served during the Korean War, it was a devastating loss, but within a year Alice began struggling to take care of things around the house.

Care for Aging Veterans in Slatington PA: Increasing Aid and Attendance

Care for Aging Veterans in Slatington PA: Increasing Aid and Attendance

She didn’t have family in the area and most of her friends were dealing with her own struggles. In other words, she didn’t have anybody who could help, aside from the occasional neighbor who happened to be extremely busy but was more than willing to do what was possible given their limited time.

She felt completely helpless until she learned about the Aid and Attendance Benefit.

She didn’t think it was anything to consider, given the fact that she wasn’t a veteran. Yet, she discovered that widows of qualifying veterans (and other dependents) could be eligible for financial assistance to pay for home care support services through this pension.

Her husband served more than six years in the Army, two of them at the tail and of the Korean War. She wasn’t certain if she would qualify because he never actually went over to Korea, so he never saw active combat. What she discovered, though, was that his time of service simply needed to overlap a time of official combat, such as the Korean War.

He also needed to serve a minimum of 90 days active duty (two years for those who served during the Gulf War). She was receiving a paltry pension and her Social Security payments, but that was it. Because of her limited income and minimal assets, she could qualify for this pension, so long as she was able to prove home care was necessary at this point in her life.

Now, though, she needs more help.

She contacted the local VA representative she had dealt with initially when she filled out the application and asked if she would be eligible to receive more financial support. She discovered that the amount she was receiving every month, a little more than $1,300, was basically the maximum payout permissible through this pension.

She was advised to contact Medicaid to see if she might be eligible to receive some support through that. Some veterans might not be receiving the maximum payout allowable through the Aid and Attendance Benefit at first and might certainly be eligible for an increase, but when they are maxed out, and they need more support, they will need to look at other options.


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