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When You Feel Trapped Caring for Someone in the Family, There Is Something You Can Do

Have you ever felt trapped in your life? This may not be an experience everyone has had, but it can happen over time. In most cases these feelings develop over a long period of time. When a person begins supporting an aging or disabled adult in the family, it might initially have been just for a few months or maybe even a few weeks. Then, things change.

Caregiver Stress in Norristown PA: Feeling Trapped

Caregiver Stress in Norristown PA: Feeling Trapped

While that person was expected to make a recovery, they continue to call for support and assistance. They ask this caregiver to come over to take out the garbage, bring them to the store, or do things with them. In time, that can feel as though it becomes an obligation and suddenly that family caregiver is trapped, even though they love this person very much.

If this seems to define you at this moment, it could be the result of stress.

Caregiver stress is real. It affects just about everyone who is looking after an aging or disabled individual in their family. It isn’t reserved for those men and women who were reluctant to even start helping somebody out, but can include those who were also enthusiastic about the prospect of ‘giving back’ to the person who gave them so much in life already.

When you feel trapped, stress is only going to build.

The stress you experience and feel as a caregiver is only going to get more significant as the days roll into weeks that grudgingly turn into months and then years. You need to address these things as soon as you begin experiencing them. The best way to combat stress of this nature is to realize the value in home care support.

Maybe you’re thinking of just going on dealing with it. Perhaps in the evenings you would get home and crack open a bottle of wine or a beer. Perhaps you started slipping into old behaviors you long since shut off. Instead of letting those things grow over time, look into the value that home care can offer.

An experienced and qualified home care aide working for an agency not only has a great support network behind him or her, they can also be hired for just a couple of hours at a time. You may discover that two hours on a Monday morning could give you the right start to the week you need to feel less trapped. When you see the benefits home care does offer, you will likely want to increase those hours, so long as that elderly or disabled person agrees.

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Michael Drew

Administrator at Serenity Hospice PA
Michael Drew LNHA is the administrator of Serenity Hospice PA, servicing the greater Bensalem and Philadelphia areas. In this capacity, he leads and inspires the company’s mission of providing quality and compassionate end-of-life care and supportive services for patients and their families, and to enhance their quality of life. Michael’s hallmark is his genuine concern for patients and his dedication to meeting their needs.

A veteran of providing quality healthcare, Michael has served with distinction in a variety of leadership capacities for nearly two decades, notably as administrator for several Skilled Nursing Facilities in New Jersey. Known as an innovative and solution-oriented individual, Michael has his finger on the pulse on new trends and concepts in providing quality care.

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