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High quality home health care services for our patients and their families is our priority. Our qualified professionals help to meet a wide range of short and long term individual needs.

Some of the benefits of home health care services include:

  • Care in the comfort of home
  • Peace of min
  • Licensed and highly qualified staff
  • Maintain quality of life
  • Fewer hospital readmissions
  • Decreased hospital length of stay
  • Fewer Emergency Room visits
  • Increased medication compliance
  • Continuity of treatments
  • Maximized Independence
  • Increased safety
  • Less stress on family caretakers

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Serving Lancaster & the Surrounding Cities Lititz, New Holland, Manheim, Strasburg, York, Columbia, Quarryville, Paradise, Ephrata, Lebanon, Elizabethtown, and Hershey.


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  • Is Taking Respite Time Difficult for You as a Parent of a Special Needs Child? March 1, 2018
    Pediatric Home Health Lancaster City PA-Parents of children with special needs often find it extremely difficult to take time away, even when they know that they should.
    Mary Lynne Heller
  • Are You Overlooking Some Possible Causes of Malnutrition in Your Aging Adult? February 8, 2018
    Home Care Services Lancaster City PA-Usually it's easy to spot why your senior isn't getting the nutrition that she should, but there are also some more subtle reasons behind malnutrition in the elderly.
    Mary Lynne Heller
  • What Can You Do if You’re Feeling Stressed as a Caregiver? January 17, 2018
    Caregiver Ephrata PA-As a family caregiver, you might start to feel as if being stressed is just how life goes for you right now. But that doesn't have to be the case.
    Mary Lynne Heller
  • Setting Your Senior Up for Healthy Eating in the New Year December 28, 2017
    Elder Care Paradise PA-Eating well is an important step toward achieving and maintaining better health and well-being as your elder parent ages in place by supporting their management of their health challenges and issues as well as helping to reduce the risk of developing many of them.
    Mary Lynne Heller
  • Extended Family Care is Hiring to Accommodate Rapid Growth December 13, 2017
    Home Health Care Quarryville PA-The recent change in leadership at the Extended Family Care office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has spurred an immediate demand for staff. “We are in need of nurses and aides to fill a steady influx of new clients”, said Nicole Kelly, Administrator of the Pittsburgh office.
    Mary Lynne Heller
  • Our Comparison of Five Heart-Healthy Cooking Oils December 7, 2017
    Homecare Columbia PA-Cooking for seniors who are on a low-fat diet isn't as hard as you might think. Start with the oils you use for dressings, sauteed meats, and roasted or sauteed vegetables. There are healthier options available.
    Mary Lynne Heller