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5 Basic Things to Know About Aid and Attendance and How This May Affect an Aging Veteran in Need of Home Care Services

By Mary Lynne Heller | Jun 27, 2018

The Aid and Attendance Benefit can be an invaluable resource for veterans and their families, especially when home care is needed. There are a number of things people should understand about the Aid and Attendance pension program, made available through the VA. Below are five important things to understand that can help aging veterans and…

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How Might an Aging Veteran with Vision Loss Still Enjoy Some Basic Activities?

By Perry C. Doc Alleva | Jan 15, 2018

John was an aging veteran. In his 80s, he was widowed, living alone, and most of his friends had long since passed away or moved out of the area. When he was 84 he started developing macular degeneration. He had already dealt with cataracts and enjoyed the benefits of modern technology and surgery techniques to…

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Can a Veteran Request an Increase in Aid and Attendance Benefit?

By Vicki & Brian Day | Nov 27, 2017

Alice had been relying on financial assistance through the Aid and Attendance Benefit for a couple of years. When her husband passed away, who had served during the Korean War, it was a devastating loss, but within a year Alice began struggling to take care of things around the house. She didn’t have family in…

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Some Veterans Benefit from Aid and Attendance Support

By Michael Drew | Nov 24, 2017

The Aid and Attendance Benefit is a pension provided by the VA to qualifying veterans. Initially, this pension was intended for soldiers returning from battle following World War I. Soldiers who qualified for this had been injured and disabled during their service, but through the years it expanded to provide financial assistance to veterans from…

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