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We’re there when you need us to help make life easier for you and your loved one who wishes to remain independent in their home and community for as long and as safely possible.

True Direct Home Health Care, LLC provides a variety of personal care services to assist with the activities of daily living giving you additional peace of mind and your loved one the dignity and comfort he or she deserves. If needed, our services include Alzheimer's and dementia-care, stroke care, therapy solutions care and other health care related services for you to consider.

For your convenience, please complete the form on our website for any inquiries you may have and one of our dedicated care manager will contact you immediately to answer your questions and schedule a free health screening/interview for you, your loved one and your family.

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  • Celebrate Fall with Healthy Orange Foods October 19, 2017
    There are many things we associate with fall, like colorful leaves, cooler weather, and pumpkins. In fact, at times it can seem like pumpkin is everywhere – pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin flavored donuts, and even pumpkin pie yogurt! Sometimes it seems like overkill, but the truth is that there’s a lot to be said for… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator
  • Is Poor Memory Something Your Senior Has to Accept? October 12, 2017
    Whether your elderly member’s family has a history of dementia or she’s simply worried about her memory over the next few years, retaining the ability to have a strong memory is important. Here are some things you can do that can help. Bump up Her Physical Activity Getting more physically active gets the blood flowing… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator
  • How Can You Address the Topic of Having Your Aging Adult Stop Driving? October 5, 2017
    Bringing up the topic of no longer driving is something that you might have been avoiding doing. If your senior family member’s driving is bad enough, however, you might be courting disaster by trying to avoid an argument. Here are some tactics that can help you have a solid discussion that gives you both results.… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator
  • Top Tips for Protecting Your Parent from a Fire September 28, 2017
    The thought of a fire can be terrifying and as a family caregiver you might not even want to think about something like that happening to your aging parent. House fires are relatively common, however, with nearly 400,000 occurring each year throughout the United States, and ignoring this possibility could result in your aging parent… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator
  • International Clean Hands Week: Tips for Caregivers and Seniors September 22, 2017
    During International Clean Hands Week, family caregivers and their elderly relatives can rededicate themselves to hand hygiene. This means that they have an opportunity to remember why it is so important to wash hands to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. It’s not enough to run the hands under cool water a few times… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator
  • Is Your Aging Adult’s Home Telling You Something that She Can’t? September 14, 2017
    Sometimes you have to look to other items in your aging adult’s life to let you know that she’s having problems. One such item could be your elder family member’s home itself. It Isn’t as Clean as Usual If your aging adult’s home isn’t as clean as it usually is, this can be a sign… […]
    Perry C. Doc Alleva, Owner & Administrator